A loud bang, and then a shout, disrupts Metro transit hearing

MSN  28th Feb 2024

A loud bang, followed by a cry — “It’s a gun!” — sent attendees at a Metro transit hearing scrambling for cover Tuesday night, according to the transit system and a video.

There was no gunshot, but a window at Metro headquarters was broken by a snapped tow truck cable, a Metro spokesman said. One person was treated for minor injuries suffered while taking cover, the spokesman said in an email.

The incident appeared to demonstrate the increasing sensitivity in Washington and around the country to incidents of gunfire in public places and elsewhere.

A public hearing was underway about 7 p.m. at the transit headquarters in Southwest Washington when a window was “struck by a tow truck cable and shattered,” according to a message posted by the transit system on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A speaker had apparently just begun to address the budget hearing when a sudden loud sound could be heard in the background, according to a video posted on the WUSA9 news site.

The speaker continued after a moment’s hesitation, but then a shocked exclamation could be heard.

“It’s a gun,” someone cried, emphasizing the word “gun.”

People in at least two rows of chairs behind the lectern got up and tried to take cover beneath the seats.

The hearing was paused, according to the statement from Metro, out of “an abundance of caution,” but the meeting later resumed.

It was not clear exactly how the cable shattered the window. In response to a question, Metro spokesman Jordan Pascale said by email that “something came off the cable.”